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KARIKAALA is a restaurant with the unique idea that combines indian and tamil cuisine with technology.

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Kaima GmbH is a Germany based company providing eco-friendly kitchenware and home products.

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About us

SailyGroup AG

We at SailyGroup strongly believe that finance should not be a hurdle to great ideas. We use our resources to grow, foster and flourish motivated startups with innovative ideas. When a company matches our criterion we will offer financial and advising support to their business.

Our portfolio managers evaluate business opportunities, securities and risks in order to match our investment criterion. We look into ideas, business concepts, models and analyse projects to give counselling, support and financial resources to reach the targets.

We take part in your journey to accomplish the goals together.

With the concept that little drops make a mighty ocean, we firmly believe in networking. Other than financial means, the complessive knowledge of the SailyGroup is a precious asset created by sharing experience and expertise.

Each partner becomes a fundamental proactive actor contributing to the synergy of the group.

For StartUps

Innovative Ideas

We look for innovative ideas and highly motivated startup companies to work with.


If our criteria match, we offer financial support for your business.


We offer our advising and help to smooth out your workflow.

Business Plan

We look in depth in your business plan or help you to create one.

Connecting expertise

We connect companies and people with different expertise to get the best performance.


Through your entire business path we will be a reliable point of reference for support and advise.

Contact Us

  • Breiter Weg 1A - 53797 Lohmar, Germany

  • +49 2246 9119897